February 18, 2008

FredHeads : "The Rumors Of Our Demise Have Been Greatly Exaggerated"

Posted at FredHeadsUSA.org:

A few weeks ago, Fred Thompson exited the race for President. In the wake of that decision, the FredHeads and the members of DraftFredThompson.com engaged in a whole lot of soul-searching and vigorous discussion as to what to do next. Fred's candidacy may have come to an end, but our faith in the principles that originally drew us to Fred was as strong as ever.

The product of that soul-searching and vigorous discussion is Conservatives for the Advancement of the Reagan Coalition, a new organization formed to advance the key conservative principles articulated by men like Barry Goldwater, Ronald Reagan and Fred Thompson.

Of course, there are plenty of places on the 'net to discuss Reaganite principles. While we'll certainly continue to do that, we will at the same time be moving forward with our plan to pound the pavement and raise the funds to ELECT candidates who share our principles and DEFEAT candidates who don't. If you share our faith in those principles, and have an interest in working to get them put into practice, we invite you to JOIN US.

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