February 15, 2008

Suicide Bomber DVD for Children

Here is a troubling report from West Yorkshire, England.

In December 2007, an Egyptian-made, English-subtitled suicide bomber music video for children was found to be on sale in West Yorkshire. Police were notified and an investigation was launched.

Earlier this month, MP Philip Davies accused the Home Office of not taking the threat seriously and failing to recognize the level of public concern regarding the distribution of the DVD. The Home Office responded by stating that details of special investigations will not be released. Days later, police confirmed that two "properties" were raided and items were seized for examination.

Yesterday, a 33-year-old man was arrested by Counter Terrorism Unit officers for allegedly distributing the suicide bomber DVD for children.

The disc shows a dramatisation of a girl vowing to follow in the steps of her suicide-bomber mother, set to music featuring children singing in Arabic.

All three of the DVD's tracks are sung by children in Arabic with English subtitles.

The first video shows an Arab woman playing with her two children before leaving her home with dynamite tucked into her dress.

She is approached by uniformed soldiers and the camera pauses on her thoughtful expression before a large explosion blazes across the screen.

After finding out about the suicide on television, her small daughter finds a stick of dynamite in her mother's wardrobe and turns to the camera with the subtitles: "My love will not be by words. I will follow my mother's steps."

The West Yorkshire man accused of distributing the DVD was questioned and released on bail. Let's hope they keep track of him.

Of note is that three of the suicide bombers responsible for the July 7 London bombings, Mohammed Siddique Khan, Hasib Mir Hussain and Shehzad Tanweer, also came from West Yorkshire.

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