February 12, 2008

Does this count as having sex?

Speaking of "safe sex" a user on this forum is seeking advice from the forum owner, Sasjmal.

"Does this count as having sex? My friends r realy stupid n one of them met a stupid girl lol and he touched her breasts and she touched his penis, does that count as like having......sex? appreciate the feedback thanks.

"No, it does not count as having sex"....Sas

"is it a major or minor sin, are there any speicific punishments, my friends are all extremely paranoid i hate to see them like that"

"I do not know, but I know its a sin for sure."....Sas

"what does count as having sex then[happy face]"?

"Having Sex counts as having sex".....Sas

Disclaimer, for scratch your head purpose only and not meant to imply Sas knows about sex..nor the inquirer was serious about the queston...ed

Update by Rusty: Maybe Bill Clinton inquired with Sasjmal shortly before Monica? That might explain a lot.

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