February 11, 2008

Pakistani Ambassador to Afghanistan Taken Hostage

Scary: Pakistani TV is reporting that Tariq Azizuddin, the Pakistani ambassador to Afghanistan, has gone missing along with his two bodyguards. Scarier: The British press is reporting that Azizuddin has been kidnapped. Scariest: Ambassador Azizuddin was reportedly kidnapped on the Pakistani side of the border as he was on his way to Afghanistan.

Azizuddin was on the road from Peshewar to Kabul and was inside the tribally administered Khyber area when all contact was lost. Police from the Khyber Agency say they believe Azizuddin was kidnapped. Pakistan is playing down the possibility that he was kidnapped by the Taliban.

I expect we'll be hearing demands that Pakistan release Taliban prisoners or Ambassador Azizuddin will be beheaded in 3...2...1...


The Urdu-language website of Pakistan's independent television network GEO TV reports that the Pakistani ambassador to Afghanistan, Tariq Azizuddin, has gone missing while travelling from the Pakistani city of Peshawar to Kabul. According to the report originating from federally-administered Khyber Agency, the ambassador went missing along with his two guards.
Pakistan's ambassador to Afghanistan has gone missing before he was due to cross into Afghanistan from Pakistan.

Sources have told the BBC that the ambassador, Tariq Azizuddin, was kidnapped in the Khyber tribal agency close to the Afghan border.

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