February 10, 2008

Updated...US Seized Al-Qaeda Documents Tells of Crisis

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During a US raid on an al-Qaeda base near Samarra in November a 39-page letter was seized. The US military released extracts yesterday of that letter. The following are some bits from one of al-Qaeda's leaders in Anbar province:

Al-Qaeda in "extraordinary crisis". Last year's mass defection of ordinary Sunnis from al-Qaeda to the US military "created panic, fear and the unwillingness to fight". The terrorist group's security structure suffered "total collapse"...More of this document at Times at above link.

The words in the above document and the following paint a different picture from the "General Betray Us" crowd and also what I read at some terrorists lovers sites such as Samir Khan aka Inshallahshaheed.

"Down's Syndrome Bombers is a dirty Kaffir lie" and "alQaeda doesn't train children for fighting. "They were mimicking our brave brothers. Those were "toy"guns." It is a dirty lie." "The fighters are stronger that ever." Well Sammy, if you are not careful you may get hemmroids after reading these. Speaking of hemmroids...where is Adam the goat herding un-American alQaeda terrorist spokesperson?

Enough with those asshats. The following is the first page of the second document which is a "bitter" 16 page testament written last October by a local al-Qaeda leader Abu-Taniq. The US Military released it fully translated with names redacted, and there are alot of names!

In the Name of Allah the Most Merciful the Most Compassionate
Date: Third of Shawaal of 1428 Hijri(H)[Gregorian: 15 Oct 2007]
Islamic Greetings
This is My Will:
I am Abu-Tariq, Emir [leader] of Al-Layin and al-Mashahdah Sector.
There were almost 600 fighters in our Sector before the Tribes changed course 360 degrees under the influence of the so-called Islamic Army (Deserter of Jihad) and other known believer groups. Many of our fighters quit and some of them joined the deserters, and later on I will mention the names of Fighters who stood by us (faithful fighters), but things started getting worse ever since, and as a result of that the number of fighters dropped down to 20 or less which led us to move some of our vehicles to another location (Al-Muthanna Establishment Area) for security reason where our brother (redacted) is stationed at(I will also mention the type vehicles at the end.)

Abu-Tariq really doesn't seem to be to happy. Fighters deserting, running out of money, no one paying them back and defaulting on their loans etc. Basically it appears he feels screwed. Thats a good thing..teh.
You can read the rest of the letter in PDF here. Below the fold is a screen shot of the letter in Arabic. h/t "L & L" and "Prof Chaos"

Update from comments...Looks like Inshallashaheed had one of his buds comment and sign his name. We all know Sammy is way to skeeeerd to do it himself. He is bragging at his blog that jawa got pwnd?!?! WTF is that..lol
The comment sounds like something I have read from Yousef al-Khattab. Remember, he is the Jewish convert to Islam that learned how to stick pins into a puppet and make a video! ROFLMAO, no wonder there is bragging? going on...such idjits!


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