February 09, 2008

British Journalist Admires Sharia

With all the craziness of Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams "sharia law" comment it is suprising who is apparently standing up to "defend " said law.

From CJ

"My brush with justice was swift and fair."

NBC Tel Aviv bureau chief Martin Fetcher tells of a time he and Richard Mills, the Times photographer, had a incident in Somalia happen that was eventually settled in an "sharia court" through the alQaeda linked Islamic Courts Council.

Apparently two drivers where blocking each other in a crowded market place and neither would give.

"A furious argument flared up, and our bodyguards drew their guns. Happily, the Islamic Courts Council policemen arrived in the nick of time and escorted us all to the nearest Sharia court."

Fletcher goes on to say "the drivers then argued their case with a couple of religious elders. Court ended soon for prayers. Upon resuming they were told to apologize to each other, which they did."

Besides the above the following statement by Fletcher appears to show his fondness for sharia law. Unbelievable....

"The court performed its duty with admirable dispatch and minimal fuss and everyone went away happy. It was quicker, cheaper and just as effective as a British magistrates' court..

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