February 08, 2008

Adam Gadahn Still Missing, Taliban Worried


All Azzam's terrorist buddies are just so worried about him.

Via NBC's Deep Backround: Jihadist sources on the Pakistan side of the border are telling local journalists they are worried. One who described himself as a “very close friend” of Gadahn said the 28-year-old California native had until recently been spending most of his time in the populated areas of South Waziristan, near the towns of Wana, Azam Warsak and Shahkai.

The same friend said Gadahn had left for North Waziristan a week before the Predator attack in Mir Ali, where he was supposed to attend “an important meeting”. The friend said that, after the Predator attack on January 31, they lost “all contact” with Gadahn.

"All our friends are worried about him but so far we could not make any contact with him. We had sent two of our friends to Mir Ali to locate him and provide us with details about him," the supposed friend explained.

He added that other militants who traveled with Gadahn also were missing.

A bit early for the cowbell, but its looking more and more like something bad happened to Azzam.

How, Talibans might ask, is it possible that the strongest and best-equipped army on earth has killed Adam despite him being protected by lightly-armed mujahidin?

The answer is self-evident: Predator!

UPDATE by Rusty: Roggio brings up the obvious: Shouldn't al Qaeda announce Gadahn's death since they announced al Libi's? Good point. Maybe Gadahn wasn't considered a big enough fish to merit an announcement? By all accounts, Gadahn himself was in charge of al Qaeda's as Sahab media operations.

So, who announces the death of the guy in charge of announcing every one's death? The kind of guy who rubs shoulders with all the bigwhigs, but who mostly sits in front of the computer with the latest video editing software he pirated. The kind of guy who only gets our attention because he's one of us and a traitor, and that really pisses us off?

Hey, it's a theory. And it's based on more than wishful thinking. Okay, it's mostly wishful thinking. But there are some facts in there. Somewhere.

As Allahpundit reminds us, Adam Gadahn is more than a traitor. He's a fat bastard of a traitor. I'll sleep better when I know he's dead.


American al Qaeda, Adam Gadahn, Dead?

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