February 07, 2008

American al Qaeda, Adam Gadahn, Dead?


I've been hearing the same speculations and rumors that Laura Mansfield has that Adam Gadahn, the only American indicted for treason since 9/11, was killed in the Predator bombing that took out Abu Laith al-Libi. Al-Libi was a bigger fish, but taking out America's number one traitor would be so sweet.

The first indication that the rumors might be true were confirmations that computers and a satellite phone were found among the rubble. Sure, could mean nothing, and maybe this is just wishful thinking making the rounds as hope filled rumors, but, like I said, if there is one person on the planet I'd like to see dead other than Osama bin Laden, it's Adam Gadahn. He's from California for crissake. He was born Adam Pearlman. Now he's a card carrying member of al Qaeda!

Here's the story. The major caveat is that The International News is a Pakistani publication:

According to sources, American officials who are yet to publicly confirm the killing of Abu Laith al-Libi, had reportedly sharing information with western media that most likely another most wanted figure, Adam Gadahn, has also been killed in the air strike by the CIA-operated unmanned drone on a house in Khushali Torikhel village near Mirali town.

According to sources, the American al-Qaeda militant, who has been reportedly spending much of his time in Afghanistan and Pakistani tribal areas along the Pakistan-Afghanistan border, had reached Mirali for an important meeting with other senior al-Qaeda commanders for planning the so-called spring offensive against US and Nato troops in Afghanistan.

However, there were no details whether he arrived in the town when a house reportedly housing some senior al-Qaeda operatives including Abu Laith al-Libi, was blitzed. US military officials based in Afghanistan are reportedly collecting details about those killed in the attack on the house and in this regard two of their spy planes continued flying over the same area even after the tragic incident.

I'll note that al Qaeda has confirmed the death of Abu Laith al-Libi, but not Gadahn.

UPDATE: Check out this pic. I second the sentiment.

Gateway Pundit finds a second source, but seems to be based on same rumor.

UPDATE: I can also confirm that this rumor is being circulated on al Qaeda linked forums.

Let me add this. The last time we circulated the rumor, yes started by us, that Azzam al Amreki (that's Adam's street name these days) had been killed, Gadahn found it necessary to make a new video showing proof of life. Time to step up to the plate douchebag and show your ugly self.

Update: Steve Schippert weighs in:

However, as my colleague and fellow ThreatsWatch member Nick Grace said in reaction, “I would imagine that if Gadahn got knocked off they would have announced his death just as quickly as they did al-Laith’s. Having an American become a martyr would be a propaganda coup on their side. Gadahn would be more useful to al-Qaeda dead than alive. Imagine how they will play up an American who was martyred while fighting for al-Qaeda’s Jihad.”

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