February 05, 2008

Taliban Says Korean Hostages, "Exchanged for Money"

Via Ground Report:

Peshawar: A Taliban official, Ustad Mohmmad Yasir, in a fresh interview, admits the group had released 19 South Korea Christian volunteers after receiving payment.

There were some reports in media that this was a multi-million dollars business, but the Taliban and the South Korean and Afghan governments officially had denied these reports and many times they had said that the hostages were released without any payment to the Taliban.

Ustad Mohammad Yasir is a senior official of the Taliban who was arrested by Pakistani intelligence forces in 2005 and then was handed over to the Afghan government but was exchanged for the Italian journalist Daniel Mastrogiacomo in March 2007. Now he is the head of information of the Taliban....

...Question: You mentioned the Christian missionaries. Taliban took some Korean missionaries as hostages and then released them for money. Does Islam and Afghan culture allow this?

Answer: The problem was that many of them were women. Had we killed them or made them slaves then you would hear the cries of the world and also it was not beneficial to let them go for free. So it was the only good way to exchange them for money.(emphasis mine)

Only good way? the only good way is not to kidnap people to start with.

Interesting that the Taliban are starting to become interested in their image. They have also declared that those they murder should no longer be beheaded. As if they can ever erase the barbarism we've witnessed. As if we'll somehow forget.


Hat Tip: Abdul.

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