January 31, 2008

Missile Targets "High-Value" Al Qaeda Terrorist (Update: Abu Laith al-Libi Dead!)

The news is buzzing about the missile strike in Pakistan aimed at an "high value" target of alQaeda. Time will tell who was killed in the strike. Will wait for official word of who went to meet their gatekeeper...da devil.

It appears US Officials think Adam Gadahn is a piece of sh*t when including him in their statement..

"Gadahn my be recognized by all of you, but he is really not as high up on the food chain in alQaeda and not that important."
I guess Adam won't be pleased with this comment and we should be hearing from him "soon" once his pink eye clears up. More at ABC News.

Update by Howie: It is thought that this air strike has killed Abu laith al-Libi!!!!

Via Reuters:Ahmed Aziz, a 70-year-old resident, told Reuters that the militants also stopped villagers from attending the funerals, which was a sign that those killed were all foreigners.

"When local people die, they don't stop anyone from attending their funerals," Aziz said.

Tribesmen in the area said a deputy of Abu Laith al Libi, a senior al Qaeda leader, had been staying there and was among the dead, according to the intelligence official.

"The latest information we have from the area is that a second-in-command to al Libi was among those killed," he said.


Update II : Now confirmed by postings on Ekhlaas terrorist forum!Ynet Via Lawhawk:

A leading al Qaeda member in Afghanistan, Abu Laith al-Libi, has been killed, a website often used by the group and other Islamists said on Thursday.

A banner on the Ekhlaas.Org site said Libi had fallen as a martyr, without giving further details.

Update III: Cnn says Washington has confirmed!
WASHINGTON (CNN) -- A senior al Qaeda terrorist active in operational planning and training has been killed, a Western official said Thursday.

He identified the terrorist as Abu Laith al-Libbi.

Update IV by Bluto: The Associated Press reports:
CAIRO, Egypt (AP) - One al-Qaida's top commanders in Afghanistan and a key liaison with Taliban, Abu Laith al-Libi, was killed according to a Web site used by militant groups.
"We congratulate the Islamic nation for the martyrdom of the sheik, the lion, Abu Laith al-Libi," said the banner which appeared in a section of the Web site reserved for affiliated militant groups and is not open to public posting.
That "martyrdom" consisted of being exterminated like a cockroach as a missile struck the safehouse in which al-Libi cowered:
One intelligence official in the area, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said a the bodies of those killed were badly mangled by the force of the explosion and it was difficult to identify those killed. The official estimated 12 people were killed, including Arabs, Turkmen from central Asia and local Taliban members.
Taliban flambeé au jus. Excellent.

(Correction by Howie: The first image I had up was of Abu Yahya al Libi. See post here. The man killed was Abu Laith al-Libi, new image added. Image credit Internet Anthropologist.)

Yahoo has a series of Images of Abu Laith al-Libi from as-Sahab tapes here.

Update V by Howie: An official statement has been released on Ekhlaas. I have the googlish below the fold. It appears to be a scolding for letting information be leaked that led to al-Libi's death.

Like they say, loose lips sink ships.


About the martyrdom of the leader struggling

Sheikh / Abu Zuhri Libyan - accepted by God in the martyrs --

(Do not think those killed in the name of Allah dead, but alive with their Lord, well) Al Omran 169

Praise be to God and then thank God, thank God for what had estimated, and thank God chosen by the Nation of Islam superior honour Jihad in the process and then raising and collecting people's hearts and make them hands on the good and supported his support.

Among those Sheikh Mufdhal gallant and heroic and brave Americans Sheikh / Abu Zuhri Qasimi Libyan which bled the nation of Islam to the news of his martyrdom with a group of brothers on the wealthy Pakistan Muslim - her God out of apostate and his clique -.

We hemorrhage of the nation as news of the martyrdom of Sheikh am happy eternity including Sheikh and earned the certificate in the name of Allah, and I am saddened by the loss and that the only legacy left over Sheikh would not only Ahja Bali and burn the enemies of religion and creed, in detail, the path of brothers who joined the march of jihad, and how supervised the preparation camps, and how the rational and plans almost to the enemy and the most sophisticated manipulations, and led the battles of glory and your parents strongholds of the infidels and weakens the resolve of its soldiers, even elevated as a martyr, God seems AD.

We say to the nation and the army of the infidels Red nation does not die, I only killed, and killing our guide on the health of our approach, and Vkdotna Mchaikhna killed in the first grade fixed Sabrin impetus saying of the poet:

We are not Stubs bleeding Klomna *** but our feet towing blood

The Mchaikhna and our leaders are always in the first row of such great benefit of the Muslim nation, and they like to follow the best science work, or fail on the need of God, and are not supporting their nation, I heard horror Lahee'ah or PC to fight with their soldiers and their men, and live with the pain and walk on their bodies and their blood achieved victory, God willing.

Also call upon all brothers to jihad and urged his family not to publish any news reaches them not confirm or dissemination formally by the competent authorities of this, especially regarding the leaders and elders, and their responsibilities in order to march Jihad, and any news not sponsored hand official saying from the information known is contested credibility even prove the contrary, up from Concerned stress this, do not be with the enemy against us.

God said:

(If came to them is the fear of security or if Rdoh broadcasting by the Prophet and the first of them is to learn who Istnbtonh whom it not Fadlallah mercy to you and ye little devil women) 83

I am God and to Him we return I

The womb COLLEGE father, Sheikh Al Qassimi and accepted by the brothers in the group of martyrs

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