January 29, 2008

What a Rip! Jill Stevens Not Crowned Miss America

missamerica2008winnerjawa.jpgOur Favorite, Miss Utah Jill Stevens, made the final sixteen but did not win. Instead of naming a strong independent well rounded girl, they picked the one with the baggage. Go figure.

AP via Yahoo News: LAS VEGAS - Just three years ago, newly crowned Miss America Kirsten Haglund was eating tiny portions of food and became so thin her concerned parents "dragged me to the doctor."

Haglund was diagnosed with anorexia, and the lack of nutrition caused her collar bones to stick out, her heart rate to drop and her relationships to suffer.

"I would feel fatigued walking up six stairs," the 19-year-old Haglund said Sunday, a day after being crowned Miss America 2008. "I was a completely different person. It's not a pretty sight."

Haglund plans to spend her yearlong reign, trying to raise awareness of eating disorders, promoting the pagaent and helping the Children's Miracle Network while maintaining a healthy lifestyle and exercise.

I searched and searched but no Jill Stevens in bikini images are available. So we'll just have to settle for what we can get. (below the fold)

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I know I should have gotten this up yesterday, I'm slipping.

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