January 23, 2008

New al-Qaida Tape

"An al-Qaida spokesman called for unity among this week Islamic militants worldwide in a new recorded message, according to a US intelligence official."

"The approximately 28-minute tape features al-Qaida spokesman Abu-Yahya al-Libi telling Islamic scholars to lend their weight to support the jihad, a holy obligation or struggle. The intelligence official said this is an apparent effort to counter some Islamic scholars who are criticizing al-Qaida's violent activities, saying they do not qualify as jihad."

We will update as more information is available. It does look as though there is "sadness" in the ranks when not all agree with killing of innocents....teh, BTW, where's Waldo, I mean Adam the un-American terrorist? Forgot, he has pink eye.

Update by Howie: We have the tape but its all in Arabic with no subtitles. So I have not uploaded it. If you want a copy email Howie and I'll send you one. Or if you subscribe to Laura Mansfield's service you would have had it days ago.

I've added some frames below the fold. We'll try and update with a translation as soon as one becomes available.

The video opens with al-Liby slaughtering a goat.



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