January 22, 2008

Fredheads, It's Time to Support Mitt

Mitt_romney.jpgDear fellow Fredheads,

It's time to support Mitt Romney. Can Mitt win in a general election? I don't know. Certainly he has always had a better chance than Fred. And if the opposition is Hillary Clinton, then maybe.

McCain can beat Hillary. But McCain is, well, McCain.

To be honest, I'm not as down on McCain as most of my fellow Jawas and you, the readers. But that's just because I've been a one-issue guy since right around, oh, let me see, I think the date was 9/11/2001.

But still, McCain doesn't get that the border is tied in with our national security.

Mitt does. And he seems to get the war on political Islam.

Sure, Rudy also seems to get both, but it's probably too little too late for him.

I'm hearing some oddball theory that a lot of Fredheads are natural Huckabee supporters. That's insane. Like, certifiably insane.

It's built on the presumption that the evangelical supporters of Thompson are in the same boat as the evangelical supporters of Huckabee. I got news for Tom Edsell: they aint the same animal. Sure, they may have the same funny accent, and so I'm guessing that to an outsider like Edsell the presumption is that they must be the same species. But they're not.

One is a Christian and a conservative, the other is just a Christian. One liked Thompson's policy positions in spite of his rather flawed character. The other likes Huckabee because he's a Christian. A good guy. God's man in the White House. Yup, that's about as deep as it gets.

Go check out the results of Ace's poll here. I see one vote for Huckabee. I'm guessing that was Slu. But he's probably drunk. And I mean smashed. [Update: Allahpundit has a poll out now, too, but doesn't even have Huckabee as a choice. Guess who's WAY ahead?]

I suspect that former Fredheads for McCain are jumping on the Mac is back train because they want to support a guy who can win. I can respect that. Politics isn't religion. You don't need to go to confession after pulling the lever for a guy you can barely stand. You don't get cooties from voting.

But I think Romney can win too. His chances are less than that of McCain, but I think it's doable. And he's by far the most conservative guy left in the race, save possibly Rudy.

Sure, he's a Mormon, and I think that there are just enough bigots out there that won't ever vote for a Mormon. A fair number of those are Huckabee supporters. But since the race may come down to the choice between a Mormon, a black guy, or a woman, I think we can safely assume that the morons will just stay home and not affect the outcome of the election.

For every Huckabee Republican who won't ever vote for a Mormon, I think we'll find an equal number of Union Democrats who fear a woman with PMS in the White House or despise the fact that those people are now running for the nation's highest office.

The numbers are small, but in a close race they could matter. But my guess is that the numbers are small going both ways.

So, it seems to me that Mitt Romney is our guy. To be honest, I haven't heard a single thing from him that I haven't liked. The worst thing I know about him is that he's been late to join the pro-life wagon. Or some idiotic thing from Duncan Hunter about how we shouldn't support Mitt because his former company is pairing up with the ChiComs to produce weapons.

He's been criticized for promising too much. Not a problem in my book. As long as politicians are promising in the right direction, that's what is important.

Promising me X amount of tax cuts and delivering X/2 is much better than promising X amount of increased spending and then delivering only X/2 spending increases.

And infinitely more realistic than, say, abolishing the IRS and going to a nationwide sales tax.

Other than that, the criticisms are rather vague. Usually people saying they don't trust him. Like he's been back and forth so many times on so many issues. But I can't for the life of me figure out what these people are talking about.

The majority of people who are pro-life were pro-choice at some time. I know I was. I thought it was the right position. I thought it was consistent with my libertarian streak. I changed my mind some time after I got married, but I wasn't really committed to the position.

Then my wife got pregnant and I saw the first ultrasound. And the second time another ultrasound. And the third time another ultrasound. The the fourth time another ultrasound. And now I'm pro-life. More consistent with my "thou shalt not murder" position.

I had what I thought was a well thought out position. I was presented with a new set of facts, ones that I had purposefully avoided thinking about for at least a decade, and then I changed my position. Did a 180, really. A regular flip-flopper I am.

So, this doesn't really bother me about Mitt. Not in the least.

I think the hardest part, really, is admitting that Hugh Hewitt has been right all along. Big 10 fans are right occasionally. Very occasionally. Just as long as they're not talking sports, they may have something intelligent to say.

And the hair. Mitt's hair is a little much. Other than that, I don't see any problem supporting Mitt.

So, for now, Mitt's my man. I'd urge the rest of you Fredheads to get on board and support Mitt.

Here is Mitt Romney's webpage. No, it's not HughHewitt.com.

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