January 22, 2008

McCain-Huckabee '08 : A Fried Squirrel in Every Popper!!!

The good news for conservatives is that Miguel the Huckster has turned out to be a "one-trick pony." He can fire up (some) evangelicals, but has no significant appeal outside of that group. He's running fourth in Florida and dropping fast. Things don't look much better for the Huckster in the rest of the country, where he's dropping in the national polls, not to mention broke. If things don't change pretty dramatically for the Huckster, and very soon, I think we can stick a fork in any thoughts Huck may have of headlining the ticket.

The bad news for conservatives is that Juan the Maverick seems to be dancing in high cotton these days. He's at the top of the national polls, and on track to win Florida, California and Pennsylvania.

While McCain has a good shot at locking up eastern and western states, he may yet have trouble in the heartland, owing in no small part to his rocky relationship with the folks he's been known to refer to as the "agents of intolerance."

Pulling Huckster's endorsement might very well go a long way to soothing some of those sore evangelical toes and bringing the faithful back into the fold.

Thus, if things don't change direction pretty soon, it's not at all impossible that the GOP could end up with "McCain-Huckabee 2008" come November, giving us the combination of a wannabe Democrat and...well, another wannabe Democrat.


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