January 21, 2008

I Stand With Rusty

Like Rusty, I hope that Lionheart is acquitted of the ridiculous charges being brought against him in England. Also like Rusty, and after closely following the dustup that's been going on the past couple of weeks, I've come to the conclusion that Lionheart is, indeed, a douchebag.

Charles Johnson is not my friend (unlike Rusty, who I am proud to call a friend), he's not my mentor, nor did he inspire me to start a blog. I started a blog after following a link in a Michael Ledeen piece at NRO to Iraq The Model. That's how I learned what a blog was.

However, I've come to my conclusion based on Lionheart's vehement reaction to Charles' update in his initial post. When it was revealed to him that Lionheart was a BNP supporter, Charles rightly distanced himself, without withdrawing his support for Lionheart's case.

Instead of saying "well, I disagree with you about the BNP" and thanking him for the continued support for his personal case, Lionheart went on the attack.

He then posted a tepid apology, but even in that took a swipe, claiming that he had been defamed and slandered, despite the fact that his support for the BNP is quite clearly noted throughout his blog.

When you're in the situation that Lionheart is, you need all the help you can get. Going after people who want to see you triumphant, while not necessarily agreeing with all of what you do, is rather counter-productive.

Frankly, the BNP supporters of Lionheart showing up in comments on just about every post on this issue remind me of the Paultards. Which means that I think our side needs them like we need a new asshole.

Especially this person that left the first comment on Rusty's post:

Sadly, like Charles, at heart you are just another leftist Dr. Shackleford. Hence, an insidious traitor as opposed to a open one.

A traitor to whom, Mr. Mysterio? Or, better, a traitor to what? If you think Rusty is a leftist, please show evidence, other than the fact he, nor any of us here at the Jawa Report, support Neo-Fascist douchebags.

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