January 15, 2008

Islamist Website Threatens Bush With "Dirty Bomb"


An English language jihadi website recently published a lengthy tirade against President George W. Bush threatening his life with a "dirty bomb". Accompanying the message were several threatening images, like the one above.

The lengthy propaganda piece announced that the President should expect death at every turn during his ongoing visit to the Mideast. None of the threats are really all that interesting, especially given the propensity of Islamists to claim they are going to kill President Bush, except for the ones that mention dirty bombs.

For instance:

If you get in a church… don’t touch the Grail…there you find some Venom…It’s a dirty bomb… If you pass by a mosque… don’t try to open the door… it’s a full-of expolsive-door…

Be careful of every single flower… beautiful flowers which may pick you when you try to scent their odor… ANOTHER dirty bomb with Toxic Gaz

No one wants you HERE…You may travel to the moon to escape the force of Busho-hatred…THERE you will find a UFP(undefined flying person) saying ALLAHU AKBAR and exploding your HEAD…

That last part is too funny. The rest...not so much.

The website also urges readers to prepare themselves for all out nuclear war, and gives them advice how to survive a nuclear attack.

The threat carried a "disclaimer" that:

The postings in the discussion Blog do not undergo monitoring, and do not necessarily reflect Sawt Al-Jihad’s views
However, the blog post in question is not in the comments section, and it's not entirely clear what a "discussion blog is". The post was put up by someone with a password to the Wordpress powered website.

While the website mostly carries messages from al Qaeda and the Taliban, and it flies the flag of al Qaeda in Iraq, its registration info suggests that it is run by Hamas sympathizers.

Probably not a serious threat, but whenever Islamists talk about dirty bombs it's time to pay it a little attention. Just so you don't forget: Adnan G. El Shukrijumah is wanted in connection to dirty bomb threats against the U.S.

UPDATE: Robert Spencer adds:

You just can't parody this stuff.
No, you really can't. Is there a word that describes something which is both disgusting and hilarious at the same time?

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