January 15, 2008

Bosnian Islamist Website Posts Death Threats, Gets Hacked

I got an e-mail from 1389 Blog this morning tipping me off about death threats posted at a Bosnian Islamist website against a University of Belgrade faculty member, Darko Trifunovia. The death threats has cause Trifunovia to cancel his plans to participate in this year's European Police Conference, which notes:

Prof. Dr. Darko Trifunovic, University of Belgrade, Faculty of Security Studies, informed us that he will not be able to come to Berlin and to speak at the 11th European Police Congress, since he has been put under pressure by radical groups. He received very dangerous death threats. For this reason he decided not expose himself and endanger the congress.
The website, bosnjaci.net is said to be an al Qaeda support forum. One of the members of the forum is said to be Sakib Mahmuljin, a Bosnian Islamist with ties to al Qaeda and who has been accused of war crimes. Others include Izet Nanic and Rasim Delic, also accused of war crimes.

The Terror Finance Blog has more complete details here.

Cassandra reprints, in English, this threat made on the website:

"Help us God to erase Trifunovic and entire his family from Earth - We must teach our kids from age of 5 how to use pistols and guns, and that they hold in one hand (knjiga) Ku'ran and in another hand a gun ready for use - If Darko Trifunovci goes to the 11th Police Congress in Berlin, God help that all Muslims finish him - Such individuals as Darko Trifunovic, we need to harass him, and we need to continue to discredit him by all means and to very end, until others dare not show up to talk about terrorism"
It's almost like these guys read from the same death threat manual.

As of January 13th, the Bosnjaci.net website is no longer functioning. Instead, when you click the link you see this message.

bosnjaci_novi_logo.gifweb stranica "bosnjaci.net" je trenutno zatvorena.
Razlog je hackerski napad koji je poceo u nedjelju, 13. januara 2008., nakon sto je zvanicno objavljeno da je Darku Trifunovicu uskraceno gostovanje na Kongresu Evropske Policije. Ko stoji iza ovog napada mozete i sami zakljuciti.
Tim bosnjaci.net radi na sredjivanju server-a i nadamo se da cemo uskoro opet se oglasiti.

Do tada, mozete nas kontaktirati na bosnjacinet@gmail.com

Any one have any idea what the message says? I speak a little Russian, so some of the words are recognizable [update: I meant, they're recognizable since Russian and Serbo-Croat-Bosnian is so similar]. If I'm not mistaken, the second sentence mentions something about hackers from Russia (?) breaking in on the 13th over the Darko threats, and then in the next sentence something about their servers.

It appears, folks, that the website has been hacked. I could use some translation help here.

For a complete background on the case, check out Cassandra's post here.

UPDATE: A number of people, including Misha and Ortner, have a rough translation in the comments, confirming the hacker narrative. Here's a portion of anonymous's translation:

Web page 'bosnjaci.net' is currently closed.

Reason being - hacker attack "commencing on the 13th after the publication of the fact that Mr. Trifunovicu had canceled his appearance at the European Police Congress." Who was behind this attack you can conclude yourself.

Way to go Team America!

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