January 10, 2008

Italy Expels Imam

I wonder how many other imams would be expelled if their sermons were simply videotaped? I'm guessing a lot.

In the past I've argued that the least intrusive way of stopping the spread of radical Islam in the West would be to simply base visas for clerics on a reciprocal basis. This would drop the number of foreign born clerics to nearly zero since Muslim countries rarely let Western clerics in. It would also give an incentive to Islamic countries to embrace modern notions of freedom of religion.


Italy expelled a Turin imam to his native Morocco Wednesday after his sermons were secretly filmed and his views were deemed a threat to public security, officials said.

Mohamed Kohaila, who had been living in Italy for years, was deported in the evening, according to the Interior Ministry.

The ministry said local and national anti-terrorism authorities determined that Kohaila was inciting "violently anti-Western behavior" and maintained relations with extremists close to militant jihadists.

Good riddance!

Hat tip: Rantburg

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