January 08, 2008

Hackers PWN British Islamist Website: Jihadis Heart Tranny Porn

A group of Russian hackers recently infiltrated a website run by radical Islamists in Britain and uploaded a keystroke recording program which allowed them to follow the internet browsing habits of members. The website, called Islambase, is run by the followers of exiled British cleric Omar Bakri Mohammed. His followers are best known for a number of protests, including one in which followers urged the beheading of those who insulted Islam.

The Islambase website should be very familiar to Jawa Report readers. In March of last year we reported that the website carried al Qaeda literature, including Osama bin Laden's "Clarification of 9/11" and a "Declaration of War". They also secretly distributed an online book titled, "The Virtues of Killing the Non-Believer."

Arabic speakers would immediately recognize the significance of the website's name, since "qaeda" means "base".

So, what did the Russian hackers find about Bakri Mohammed's followers?

Abu Jihad - recently responsible for a gloating post on Islambase about the five British hostages in Iraq, which he summed up with the beautifully scribed "When Jihad beckons no Fatwa is soughts Fatwa on the Day of Jihad is blood"- likewise spent an age online a couple of nights before Christmas....

It's at one thirty in the morning when the real Abu Jihad appears and turns to the website Pandora'ssecrets.com where he logs in (clearly a regular site user) and spends forty five minutes flitting between sex stories; not male stories but female ones....

In one keyboard impression trail, Hamza shows himself up as a genuine sicko; visiting the site Strangeland.com, he goes to a section entitled Death Flix and watches a video called "Leftovers from suicide bomb", then a video called "Iraqi execution: WARNING GRAPHIC" before tucking into some "Franz Reichelt Jumps Off the Eiffel Tower with his Coat Parachute and Dies". He then switches to Strangeland's porn section where he watches several short clips including: "Wifey in the shower", "Trapeze titties on Titty Tuesday", "Pedifile's Punishment" and "Santa's Jugs".

After seventeen minutes on Strangeland, he goes for something even more hardcore on a site called Puretna. Clicking on "TNAFlix full length streaming porn movies for free!!!" he then clicks on "Long Videos" and starts browsing by category. I won't print here the results of the category search he undertakes but - according to the Russians - the categories he searches through include "Gay/Bi-Male", "SheMale/Trans" and "Home Made". One stream is particularly indicative of Hamza's online desires:



Seriously, you can't make this stuff up! An interesting sidenote is that our very own Inshallahshaheed is also connected to the website. I'm guessing Samir Khan is probably into the Tranny porn, too!

Read the rest of Baldwin's piece here. Thanks to RW.

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