January 04, 2008

The Politico: A Team of Journalists, or a Team of Hacks?

This is a video of Fred's post-result speech in Iowa:

Now, if you keep that video in mind while you read the Politico's account of the rally, you can get a feel for just how hard they've been slanting their news on Fred. The Politico account paints a picture of a room in despair. The video makes clear that the room was anything but. You'd think they'd have learned their lesson after getting busted wide open on the firehouse hackery. Guess not.

This story is only the latest in Politico's long string of hit pieces on Fred, most including slanted accounts and/or "inside information" that have turned out to be completely unfounded.

The Politico has every right to write and publish whatever stories it likes, but if their writers are going to be in the business of yellow journalism, telling us what they want us to see rather than what actually happened, I'll be taking the Politico's "journalism" with a grain of salt from here on out.

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