December 28, 2007

Good News: Australian Taliban Goes Free as Supporters Mob Car

David Hicks, Australia's Johnny Walker Lindh, has been freed. Seriously, the similarities between Hicks and Jihad Johnny are many. Both were members of the Taliban, both captured in Afghanistan, & both have douchebag fathers who claim their sons were well intentioned humanitarians who were simply misunderstood by oppressive Western governments.

To the right is a pic of Terry Hicks, the father, from a documentary he helped produce where he retraced his sons footsteps from Pakistan to Afghanistan. Like I said, a lot of similarities between Terry Hicks and Frank Lindh. Terry Hicks traveled to Guantanamo Bay for Hicks' hearing to show his support for his son, the traitor. He also allowed himself to be used by Leftwing nuts who think George W. Bush is a greater threat to freedom then the Islamic fanatics who want to reinstitute the death penalty for criticizing a religious figure. Religious fanatics like his son.

Hicks, unlike our own Johnny Walker Lindh, admits to having personally met with Osama bin Laden.

Most disturbing part of the story? Hicks was mobbed by a group of supporters as he was being released. The "supporters" are described as "mostly elderly". Islamists? No, I'm guessing aging liberal hippie douchebags.

I think I'm going to be sick.

The Age:

Hicks, wearing a green polo shirt and jeans, was to be driven to a secret location in Adelaide where he will start his life out of custody.

The father of two has completed a jail sentence, after pleading guilty before a US military commission in March this year to a charge of providing material support for terrorism.

A small crowd of mostly elderly supporters were outside the prison as Hicks left, many holding banners reading 'This could have been your son' and 'David Hicks is no threat'.

The supporters surrounded the car in which Terry Hicks and lawyer David McLeod left the prison, cheering as the car left the prison grounds...

It had been reported that David Hicks would include an apology to the nation in his statement, but after expressing gratitude to the public and the media for their support, no apology was offered.

Terry Hicks told reporters he didn't feel that David owed Australia an apology. He said he had spent five-and-a-half years doing it "pretty tough".

Australia's new Prime Minister had to remind Australian Leftists not to celebrate Hick's release. Charming.

Meanwhile, the leader of Australia's Democats (which, I'm guessing, is Left of the current center-left ruling party) is saying Hicks shouldn't be on "control order", which is like probation. Instead of focusing on Hick's ties to al Qaeda, she's more worried about Hick's treatment at Guantanamo, which, by all accounts, was pretty good. Yup, nothing to worry about here.

Thanks to Ziggy Zoggy.

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