December 28, 2007

British Islamists Celebrate Bhutto Murder (UPDATE: American Islamists celebrate too)

Yesterday the British followers of exiled cleric Omar Bakri Mohammed issued a statement celebrating the murder of Benazir Bhutto. The announcement was reposted under the title Death of Bhutto: A day of joy:

Today was like a day of ‘eid (celebration) for Muslims all over the world, especially for those who understand the meaning of al-kufru bit-tawaagheet (disbelieving in and rejecting false deities)...

Verily, this news entered happiness into the hearts of all sincere Muslims. But sadly there are some ignorant people who mourn her death.

Benazir Bhutto was Ismaa’eeli and not even a Muslimah, therefore people should renew their views about her...

This is the destiny and fate of those who declare war on the Messengers of Allah, His Deen (religion) and His soldiers, the mujaahideen....

By declaring war on Islam and so-called “terrorists” she has faced the consequences.

Some are questioning if she was a Muslimah or not. Firstly, it is known that she was Ismaa’eeli, and not Muslim. But for argument’s sake, even if she was a Muslim, she ruled by kufr (non-Islamic) law and declared complete apostasy by allying with the enemies of Allah against Ahl ut-Tawheed (the people of Islam) – therefore she was a disbeliever.

Her death is a lesson for all other leaders around the world, especially the rulers of Muslim countries.

Sounds like a not-so-veiled threat to me. Bakri Mohammed's followers are all over Britain, but some also live here in the U.S.

UPDATE: I also notice that Samir Khan, the Charlotte based al Qaeda fan, posted the same here. He has comments, and I don't think you need to read Arabic to get the gist:


1. irhaabiyah - December 27, 2007


Allahu AKBAR!!!
Al hamdulillaahi rabbil aalameeeen….
wa lanatullaaahi alal Munaafiqeeen…
jazakAllaahu khair… for the details of this kaafirah…

Incidentally, the name of the commenter, "irhaabiyah" is a play on the Arabic word for terrorist, irhabi.

In another post Samir tries to convince readers that Bhutto was a "filthy...Shia".

Earlier he called her an "apostate" who has received her "punishment in both worlds." Since apostasy is punishable by death under Islamic law, readers would understand her murder as the execution of just punishment and that she is now also being punished in the afterlife for her "crime".

Again, this guy lives in North Carolina and openly says these disgusting things. We know who Samir Khan is because he's a pussy who types from his momma's basement. But for every Samir Khan out there that we know about, how many more quietly agree with him? It's something to think, and worry, about.

UPDATE: Apparently, the original message was from Bakri Mohammed himself, and then his followers later cleaned up the speech and printed it. Glen Jenvey sends this recording of Omar Bakri Mohammed speaking to his followers via paltalk, in which he celebrates Bhutto's death. He says:

Verily she is Benazir Bhutto.

Verily she is the one whom entered the happiness to every sincere Muslim when she has been today killed by one of the lions of tajid from this ummah.

May Allah [Arabic prayer] make that the day which we hear like that every day we hear about it.

Bakri Mohammed is in exile in Lebanon after being denied reentry to his adopted country of Britain. But his followers still listen to his message of jihad on the internet and continue to be incited to violence.

Update within-an-update: I just got to six minute mark when I notice Bakri Mohammed saying this about a speech Bhutto had just given before she was assassinated in which she pledged to continue the war against terrorists in her country, what Barki calls a "war against Muslims":

That's why Allah sent to her his soldiers and they came to her in a place she never ever expected that.
Then at about the 12 minute mark:
We will support the mujahideen in order to liberate the Muslim lands from occupation and establishh Allah's [Arabic].

At the same time, we will always train those people who want to carry that [??] obligation and carry the duties against the [Arabic] ... they have the ability to inflict the maximum damage on those apostate rulers or those who suffer them.

Is Bakri Mohammed admitting to helping finance al Qaeda train its terrorist operatives here? Sounds like it to me.

UPDATE III: Another American Muslim, Youssef al Khattab (formerly Joseph Cohen) celebrates Bhutto's death with this pretty lame YouTube video. I also notice that he's changed the name of his family website to "Revolution Muslim". Khattab lives and works in New York City. Like I said, scary.

Thanks to Zionist pimp #6.

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