December 26, 2007

Thomas Sowell Laments Our Presidential Options

Over at NRO, Dr. Sowell weighs our options--and finds few good ones:

Republicans, as usual, seem to have more people who would make good presidents than people who would make good presidential candidates. Unfortunately for them, we have elections instead of coronations.
He finds much to like about Fred--but even Fred isn't totally spared Sowell's harsh eye:
Fred Thompson seems to have the best policy positions and the best political track record among the Republican candidates — and the least effective presentation of himself.

If Senator Thompson can beat the odds and become president, he would probably be better than most of those who have been in the White House in recent times — though that is not extravagant praise.

Sowell praises Giuliani and Romney for their "ability to talk," but laments that their deeds haven't matched their words:
If Romney’s and Giuliani’s track records in office matched their ability to talk, either of them could unite and lead their party to victory. But that is no small “if.”
While he has criticism for all the candidates, Sowell considers Huckabee disqualified from the race:
John F. Kennedy was supposed to have taken [issues of personal worship] out of politics — and Huckabee’s bringing it back in ought to disqualify him for a shot at the White House, even aside from Governor Huckabee’s wholesale pardons of criminals and his raising taxes.
He also doubts that Republicans are sufficiently desperate to give John McCain a shot.

Sowell ends on this note:

This nation has come back from unpromising times before. Let’s hope that we have not already used up all our luck.
As is often the case, I find myself largely agreeing with Dr. Sowell.

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