December 20, 2007

Juba 3 Video Sucks


I noticed the increase in traffic at Jubasucks since the terrorist scumbags at Islamic Army of Losers in Iraq released the new Juba III video. I have a copy and if you are some terrorist sympathizer wanting it, email Howie and I'll tell you to go f*ck yourself.

Oh, and if you are still waiting on that super awesome giant copy to download because most of the other links are dead. You're welcome.

What Howie wants for Christmas is for everyone to link this post or Jubasucks under the term Juba 3 video or a similar link.

Original Juba 3 Video Sucks post here at Juba Sucks.

OK OK OK, here it is Juba III!

I call it Juba III because youtube took down the other copy, but thank goodness Liveleak still has it Juba II is on google vid, That makes this one Juba III. Right?

OK, sorry here's the real Juba video.

Allahu Ackbar indeed!

Update: Youtube flagging targets =

Part I
Part II (pwned!)


OK so I guess I have the go ahead. The release point for this terrorist video is.

Hosted by Euro Host Internet Solutions which is actually located in Dallas Texas.

Organization: Euro Host Internet Solutions
Registrant State/Province: Dallas
Registrant Postal Code: 75245
Registrant Email:
Registrant Phone: 1.2119547835

DNS is provided by

Hat Tip: Atlas Shruggs.

Update: New Dailymotion target.

Yes we have the new Juba video and the interview with Zawahiri and a lot of other stuff. I'm just being contrary about uploading them for our readers. Not that I want to keep them from Jawa readers. It's just with all the gains we've made against terrorist propaganda I hate to spread it around for them.

If anyone needs a copy or wants one, I'd be happy to send you one. As long as you are not some Mu-slime terrorist.

One of the reasons I love TJR is that here I can get information that the MSM won't show me. I want you all to have the same opportunity.

However, when I upload stuff unsavory characters often use it on their sites. I do my best to limit the ability to embed and use TJR's stuff on other sites. In the past, I've caught people like Samir Khan using my stuff and ended up taking it down and having to re-upload. We really don't have the server capacity to serve videos except ny using services like Google Video and Youtube.

So I'm conflicted. I want you the reader to have free access to news and information you need. But I don't want to aid idiots like the Islamic Army of Losers in Iraq in their propaganda efforts.

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