December 17, 2007

Omar "The Goat Humping" Bakri Muhammad: Attacks on Christmas Day OK

Via Global Politician:

Exiled radical sheikh Omar Bakri Mohammed gave a shocking answer to a question he was recently asked in an Internet chat room.

Asked on one of his regular sessions on Paltalk whether Muslims can attack “Christian invaders” on Christmas Day, Bakri says that the celebration is not a holiday, or a “proper day of respect” for Muslims and is an appropriate day for attacks.

“That is really for them and not for us,” he says.

Bakri says that times of attack are chosen by Islamic commanders, and they make a decision whether to attack regardless of the festival or celebration.

Bakri is the founder of banned Islamic fundamentalist groups Al-Muhajiroun and Al-Guraba. He left London for Beirut after the July 2005 London terrorist attacks, which claimed the lives of 52 people.

He is still banned from reentering Britain.

Although Omar Bakri Muhammad is banned from entering Britain, that does not stop his hate filled preaching from entering Britain.

How does he still preach to Muslims in Britain from Lebanon? Why the internet of course.

In fact Super Sekrit Zionist Internet Spies were listening to the old goat humper as he preached last week in favor of attacks against Christians during Christmas. The Jawa Report has obtained the exclusive source recordings from which the above story is based. They come from a regular meeting the Sheik has with his followers in Britain over the internet.

These days is not the days whom for the Muslims who have any values if there is a war the war will be subject to the commanders of the heads of the Mujahideen or the Amir of the jihad and he will choose the time the best dates and the consider the invaders even on the day of festivals or any celebration remember Christmas day is not really holiday its not a proper day of respect.
He also preached against any contact with Christians during Christmas. Telling Muslim Parents to throw away gifts and cards from Christians and Father Christmas.

Omar "The Goat Humping" Bakri Muhammad No Father Christmas for Muslims

Omar "The Goat Humping" Bakri Muhammad No Father Christmas for Muslims Part II
in order to save their own al-qeeda which will be abused. so you need to remember the children if they go to the kufra school at least you must make sure they are never exposed to haram

Jeremy Reynolds has more here at Joy Junction.

Most disturbing when you consider Omar's follower Abu Izzadeen called the 9-11 hijackers, "magnificent", and his follower's website is named Islam Base UK. The same Arabic word that from which al-Qaeda takes it's name. Hint, hint.

Hat Tip: Glen Jenvey.

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