December 12, 2007

Special Report: The Facebook Jihad


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A special report from an anonymous Jawa operative on jihadi use of the popular Facebook social networking website.

Much has been said about the lack of importance placed upon the “cyber jihad” from government and military counter-terrorism agencies. The YouTube Jihad phenomena as well as other domestic hosting of online terror activities has been well documented here at the Jawa Report, Snapped Shot, Michelle Malkin, LGF, and others. But recently I’ve been digging up another clever use of the internet by terror groups: the high school and college social networking megasite

Facebook is designed to attract young people and allow them to easily share pictures, video, articles, and generally stay in touch. It seems many terrorist groups and their supporters have seen that as the perfect combination for recruitment. To sign up, all they need is an email- many use fake names, like this guy who used the name of the Gama’at Al-Islamiyya terror group.

From there, they need to set up a Facebook Group to attract people. Groups like 14 Shabat, Muslim Brotherhood, and even some Al-Qaida wannabes are featured [pictured at top of page.

Other groups are more general, such as "Resistance Movement Supporters” where group members are greeted with pictures Hamas leaders.

Wonder who was responsible for your last DDOS attack, Rusty? Maybe it was “Islamic Force” a team meetup group for jihadi “hackers”. While this group only has a few members, many groups number well into the hundreds, like this PLO support group with over 400, or this group supporting PFLP terrorist and plane hijacker Leila Kahled at nearly a thousand members.

Once the group is made, it’s time to get the message out. Facebook makes this easy, allowing you to upload videos, pictures, and external links for your friends to check out.

The videos shown are typical of the 70 posted to the Leila Kahled group, with most decrying Israeli "atrocities" or extolling the virtues of the resistance groups, showing their attacks on civilians, Israeli, or American troops. Here are examples of videos hosted by “Resistance Movement Supporters” including Hezbollah training videos, propaganda, and filmed attacks on civilian targets. Among the various groups are literally hundreds of propaganda posters and recruitment ads.

The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, or PFLP, is one of the more common terror organizations, with about a dozen Facebook groups and several hundred supporters. This is a screenshot of the largest of these groups, taken down after several weeks of harassing Facebook’s abuse report function by yours truly. PFLP on facebook relies heavily on images of Che Geuvara and Leila Kahled to appeal to young people.

By far the most common terror groups on Facebook, however, support Hamas and Hezbollah. A list of several dozen such groups is given at the end of this post.

The last group of terror supporters are perhaps the most despicable in my opinion: for example, a group called “Support Our Troops!” No, not American troops, silly, the one who are trying to kill American troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. Note that the group Administrator is from the University of Arizona and that of the 128 group members some are from from TX, Raleigh, Pittsburgh, Celeveland, New York, LA, DC… have we forgotten what treason is? Oh right, this is treason.

I almost forgot- What would any good terrorist roundup be without point out the obvious child abuse? Here you go.

And here, and here, and here .

Facebook is wildly popular among teens and college students. Do you know what your kids are seeing on Facebook?

Citations below (feel free to sign up for a Facebook account and start reporting them!)

Thanks to anonymous Zionist pimp #5.

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