December 13, 2007

US Company Hosting Specially Designated Terrorist (Updated Sheik Down)

Via Internet Anthropologist:

The website of Sheikh Abu Qatada Al-Falastini known for his support for Jihad ISP: Yahoo!, Sunnyvale, CA, USA (Data verified 12/04/07)
He is also a specially designated foreign national listed in the Dept of Treasury, Office of Foreign Asset Control here.
AL-FILISTINI, Abu Qatada (a.k.a. ABU ISMAIL; a.k.a. ABU UMAR, Abu

Omar; a.k.a. TAKFIRI, Abu Umr; a.k.a. UMAR, Abu Umar; a.k.a.
UTHMAN, Al-Samman; a.k.a. UTHMAN, Omar Mahmoud; a.k.a. UTHMAN,
Umar), London, United Kingdom; DOB 30 Dec 1960; alt. DOB 13 Dec
1960 (individual) [SDGT]

Here's a screen shot of his website which I believe is being maintained by his supporters since Abu Qatada is currently in prison.

The site is was hosted on Yahoo's Geocities. It is unlawful for a US company to provide services to a specially designated national. As I recall the fine has been raised from $25,000 to $100,000.

Better emails,

Oh and I have a couple email addys. (dead),

After we pwn Sheikh Abu Qatada Al-Falastini ya might want to send him a little note to read as he rots in jail.

Update: Site down! Bandwidth exceeded. But we're looking for the 403 or 404 err, keep emailing.

Bandwidth exceeded again! Keep clicking!

Bandwidth exceeded three times. I dunno this slow response is uncharacteristic of Yahoo.

Update: III Pwned!!!!

Update IV: WTF? The site is back online. It was down, I swear!

Update V: Down again! No 403 or 404. Just the same "unavailable for viewing" rather than the bandwidth message.

Fingers crossed.

Update VI: Back up.

Update VII. Down!



Another Sheik Down!

Thanks to Yahoo for taking down the site. Yahoo has one of the best response records for removing terrorist websites of any provider. We are grateful.

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