December 10, 2007

Naomi Wolf: Portrait of an Idiot Sliding Into Trooferism

Bye, bye, Naomi.

Let us know how "just asking questions" turns out for ya.

WARNING: You WILL lose IQ points listening to this desperate wingnut spout full-blown Trooferism.

Want answers, wingnut?

Steel removal - DEBUNKED.

And since when did the Troofers claim molten steel was shipped out to China? You can't even get the woo-woo talking points straight. Sweet Jeebus. Maybe if she waves her hands around in more dramatic fashion, it will make more sense to everyone.

Pat at SLC gets off a good encapsulation:

"She sounds like somebody who just saw Loose Change last night."
Indeed. She sounds even stupider than that, actually, which is a theoretical impossibility.

The "voices of reason" on the left. Always on top of the facts.

ht: AllahP

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