December 10, 2007

As Iraq News Goes Good, Network News Decreases Coverage

Ace calls it the Vanishing War, and notes that CNN made a stink about the fact that FOX wasn't ramming ridiculously biased news coverage down the viewers' throats 59 hours a day when things were rougher.

Now that things have calmed down noticeably, the nets and CNN have dropped off their "FLOOD THE ZONE" coverage drastically.

I think it's safe to say we see a 'trend' developing here that merits equally aggressive reporting. Right, o mighty gatekeepers? From October:

This turn of events surely wasn't in the best laid plans of the Democrat/Media for 2008.

What gives? Simple. Less bleeding equals no more leading. Oceania has always been at war with Eastasia.

UPDATE: You can't blame them for trying: A fake rocket attack reported by "Do You Know Who I Am?!!1" McClatchy and "What? Us? Propagandists?" Reuters that was even corrected by Al-Jazeera.

Now that's perspective.

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