December 07, 2007

Former Saddam Official & Now Insurgent Leader on the Run, Links to al Qaeda?

Interesting in that the Iraqi source is claiming that al Qaeda materials were found at the safehouse for the former Baath party member. You might recognize Izzat Ibrahim al-Duri (alt, Izzet al-Douri) as the King of Clubs--#5 on the top most wanted list published by the Coalition shortly after the invasion.


Lately, al-Duri's spokesmen have claimed that he is now the leader of the Baath party in Iraq, but another wing is said to be led by Yunis al-Ahmed.

Even if there is no al Qaeda link here, its good to hear that the Arab nationalist insurgents are also on the run and that it is Iraqi forces doing the chasing.


Security forces stormed a hideout belonging to Izzet al-Douri, the former Iraqi vice president under Saddam Hussein, in a village near Tikrit, 170km north of Baghdad, an Iraqi official said on Friday.

They broke into the hideout based on confirmed intelligence that al-Douri was using it to hold meetings with his aides, said the source who spoke on the condition of anonymity.

The forces did not find al-Douri, but seized documents with information on the al-Qaeda terrorist network and other militias, their activities and the techniques used to conduct their operations in northern Iraq, the source said.

The documents also referred to the groups' objectives which involved attacking Iraqi military and police forces, but contained no reference to US troops.

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