December 06, 2007

Islam + British Socialism = Londinistan

This article from Mary Jackson helps clarify the relationship between the welfare state and the radicalization of Muslims in Europe. It's not just that Europeans bend over backwards to accommodate the demands of Muslims, it's that they subsidize the very people making those demands.

Why assimilate when the government will pay you to sit on your ass and make YouTube videos all day about how unjust and oppressive that very government is to Muslims?

Think I'm wrong? Recall that even though Omar Bakri Mohammed has been barred from coming back to Britain, that his wife and kids still live in London off government welfare. It's one thing to sit at home wearing a burka, but try to go get a job wearing one and let's see where that gets you. Or how about starting a business wearing the attire of choice for young Islamists in the U.K., M. C. Hammer pants?

Hell, if Uncle Sam would provide free food, shelter, clothing, and health insurance to my wife and kids I might grow a beard and start a death cult myself!

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