December 05, 2007

Only 200 al Qaeda Fighters Left Alive in Iraq

All the rest? Dead or captured. I heard about this yesterday, but hadn't taken the time to check it out yet. Friend of the Jawa and sometimes collaborator Jveritas reports:

In his speech released yesterday Abou Omar Al Baghdadi the supposed leader of the Islamic State in Iraq which is Al Qaeda in Iraq said that only two hundered Mohajeroon are left in Iraq. Mohajeroon which means immigrants in Arabic are the foreign terrorists who came to fight in Iraq. This is yet the most stunning admission by Al Qaeda in Iraq that they are totally destroyed and from the tens of thousands of foreign terrorists they had, almost all of them are killed and captured and only two hundreds are left.

This is the quote translation of what Al Baghdadi said in his latest speech: “… with all that, the Mouhajeron in Mesopotamia left the world and went quickly to meet their lord after they sacrificed their money and their blood sometimes in the martyrdom operations and sometimes by throwing themselves in front of the enemy that only two hundreds Mouhajeron are left today in our beloved Iraq…"

Steve Schippert has more on the mythical sockpuppet Abu Omar al-Baghdadi here.

Hat tip: HerrMorgenholz

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