December 04, 2007

Imperial Good News from Iraq Roundup

Via Yahoo News:

BAGHDAD (Reuters) - Forty senior al Qaeda in Iraq members were either captured or killed in November, including a senior adviser to the Sunni Islamist group's leader, the U.S. military said on Tuesday.

Violence levels in Iraq have fallen to their lowest levels since January 2006 after a security crackdown, which included a deployment of an extra 30,000 U.S. troops, targeting al Qaeda and Shi'ite militias across the country.

Coalition forces target foreign terrorist facilitators, media cells; two killed, 25 detained

Coalition forces positively identify terrorist killed in recent raid.

Coalition forces target foreign terrorist facilitators, car-bombers, propaganda cells

Read all the of MNF-Iraq's press releases here.

Wow, two media cells! I've noted that when media cells are broken up al-Qaeda releases whatever they have on hand to try and offset the perception they are losing. Over the weekend al-Qaeda in Iraq released a speech they claim is the sock puppet abu Omar al-Baghdadi calling for al-Qeada to murder Iraqis who have rejected al-Qaeda.

Exclusive Jawa Report image of abu Omar al-Bahgdadi making his speech below the fold.


ER uh good luck with that Mr. Sock Puppet. It's hard to mount an offensive when you are on the run and your legs are actually an arm.

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