December 03, 2007

Indonesian Trees Offset Bali Conference Polluters

(Bali, Indonesia) Since the attendees at the global warming conference in Bali arrive in polluting jet aircraft, the government of Indonesia is planting trees.

More likely, the tree-planting announcement is aimed to counter accusations of gross hypocrisy on the part of the global warming schemers.

Indonesia has planted millions of trees to soak up an estimated 50,000 tonnes of greenhouse gases to be emitted during U.N.-led climate talks in Bali, Environment Minister Rachmat Witoelar said on Monday.

More than 10,000 politicians, officials, activists and journalists are expected to attend the December 3-14 talks on the tropical resort island. Delegates will discuss ways to widen a U.N.-led fight against global warming to all nations.

And to provide extra offset for the estimated 50,000 tonnes of gas, Indonesia has prohibited motor vehicles at the conference location, encouraging the attendees to walk or cycle from one meeting to another.

Therefore, all the kleptocrats arrive in fancy-schmancy jet planes and then are forced to walk around town in tropical heat. What a sweaty shame. Of course, it's assumed that there will be plenty of refreshing kool-aid available to avoid dehydration and the delirium of rational thought.

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