November 29, 2007

Bin Laden Tape Airs On al-Jazeera UPDATE: bin Laden Claims 9/11

Via Laura Mansfield:

A new message from Al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden is being broadcast at this time on Al Jazeera.

According to Al Jazeera, the message takes the form of an audio tape and calls for Europe to end it's involvement in Afghanistan.

The message has not yet been posted on the internet.

We are monitoring Al Jazeera and will provide a translation of the portions of the messages that were aired shortly.

UPDATE by Rusty: What will the Truthers say now?Al Jazeera:
"It would be better for you if you [restrained] your politicians who flock to the White House and worked actively to end the wrong done to the oppressed," he said in an audio tape aired on Thursday.

"You [Europeans] become followers to America and that is why no US soldier has been put on trial before European courts," he said.

He continued: "I remind you that the American tide is receding ... and that US troops will go home beyond the Atlantic to leave neighbours to settle their problems.

"Involved in this war, you did not abide by ethics of war as most of the war victims were women, children and civilians."

"I am responsible" for the attacks on New York and Washington on September 11, 2001," bin Laden continued.

"Bin Laden" uses the logic that he was behind 9/11, and not the Taliban, ergo the U.S. attack against Afghanistan was unjustified.

Hmmmm, why does that argument seem so familiar?

UPDATE: Again, what al Jazeera says in Engllish contrasted with what they say in Arabic. The English version of the story is bad enough, ending with a quote from bin Laden saying NATO is being defeated, but Leesa notes that the Arabic version of the story ends with:

all Muslims must participate in the 'Jihad'."
And the reader comments begin with:
(first comment) God bless you

(second comment) Praise God for the safety of the struggling Sheikh Osama bin Laden

Most of them pretty much run along those same lines.

UPDATE: My understanding is that the message is audio only, so no way to verify, once again, that bin Laden is alive or not.

UPDATE II: Partial transcript of the Arabic by Laura Mansfield below the fold.

Update III: Video added, below the fold.

he truth is, as I mentioned before, that the events in Manhattan (9/11) were a reaction to the American-Israeli coalition killing of our people in Palestine and Lebanon and that I am solely responsible for. I assure you that all the Afghans, government and people, were not at all aware of any of these events. America is well aware of this fact.

Some of the Taliban ministers fell captive in their hands, they were interrogated and they told the Americans the truth. This is why the Taliban government asked America before the invasion to provide them with proof but they couldn't provide any proof. They insisted on the invasion and Europe followed their lead and they decided to play as their tail. It is enough to point out that you (Europeans) got in to this war and the American soldiers were exempt from being tried in European courts and this is why my message is addressed to you and not to your politicians.

At the end I would like to remind you that this American deployment is coming to end by the blessing of God and they will go back to their homelands beyond the Atlantic and they will leave the neighbors to finish off their interests among themselves. It is better for you to address these issues with your politicians who are begging at the doorsteps of the White House and work hard on lifting the injustice on the oppressed. Justice is the right thing to do, injustice is suffering. Going back to righteousness is the characteristic of those who think wise; peace be upon those who follow the right path.

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