November 25, 2007

Andrew Sullivan: I don't know WTF I'm talking about

Well at least he's honest, if not polite.

Via The Atlantic: I do not know exactly who Bilal Hussain (is *) and do not know for sure whether the wild claims of the bloggy lynch-mob seeking his imprisonment are in any way merited.
Well, if Andrew Sullivan doesn't don't know who Bilal Hussain is, maybe he should STFU? Just like he should have shut his trap when Cokie was speaking on This Week. Personally, I'm interested in what Cokie Roberts has to say. Andrew Sullivan, not so much.

Andy, just in case you ever want to actually learn who Bilal is before you go shooting off your mouth again.

Try reading The Jawa Report's Bilal Hussein archive.

You can even ask questions in comments. Our readers here at the bloggy lynch-mob the would just love you to stop by so they can help you become informed.

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*Yes, little old Howie corrected Andrew Sullivan's grammar, how humiliating for him.

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