November 22, 2007

Jawas Give Thanks for Dead Enemy Propagandists

BAGHDAD, Iraq Coalition forces killed one terrorist and detained 10 suspects Thursday during operations targeting al-Qaeda networks in central and northern Iraq.

Coalition forces targeted al-Qaeda propaganda cells during operations in Samarra. As the ground force approached the targeted building, they called for the building's occupants to come out, but no one complied. One individual took a defensive position by the door and engaged Coalition forces. Responding in self-defense, the ground force returned fire, killing the terrorist. While securing the area, the ground force detained two suspects and found a weapons cache, which was safely destroyed by a Coalition air strike.

During operations in Hawija, Coalition forces captured a wanted individual believed to be the foreign terrorist leader in Arab Jabour, and who is allegedly associated with senior terrorist leaders in the Southern Belt. During the operation, the wanted individual identified himself to the ground force and was subsequently detained, along with one other suspect.

In other operations in Mosul, Coalition forces targeted a northern al-Qaeda in Iraq security leader, believed to be involved in kidnappings and assassinations. Coalition forces detained two suspected individuals during the operations. Coalition forces also detained four suspects during operations targeting associates of a former al-Qaeda media leader near Khan Bani Sad.

"Iraqi and Coalition Forces are continually hitting al-Qaeda, disrupting their networks, diminishing their manpower pool, and limiting their ability to strike innocent Iraqis," said Maj. Winfield Danielson, MNF-I spokesman.


The absolute best way to stop al-Qaeda propganda, kill the propagandist!.

So much to be thankful for today. Special thanks to our men and women fighting abroad.

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