November 20, 2007

Kos Kidz Finally Remember to Support the Troops!

After they've spent 5 years convicting them of heinous crimes, running them and the mission down, not sending them money and supplies, ripping the "wingnuts" for supporting them and the mission, etc., NOW they're gonna show us how it's done!

Look out, Wingnuts! They're sending care packages! And you'd better recognize!

Except that the Boy and Cub Scouts, church groups, conservative bloggers (Project Valor, etc.), conservative groups like Move America Forward, individuals and families and others have been donating money, food, supplies and care packages, as well as supporting them publicly despite daily moonbat slanders for doing so, since day one.

Some of the commenters at Classical Values are priceless:

So where were these losers when Operation Gratitude was sending over 260,000 packages to the troops? Walk the walk? Eat our dust!
Lefties don't do care packages for the troops, not OUR troops anyway. Code Pink did send $600,000 worth of cash and supplies to the terrorist stronghold of Fallujah. And lefties do send Christmas cards to wounded troops at Walter Reed telling them they hope they would die.

If the lefties ever did send care packages to our guys, you can be sure that they'll include something hateful or at least some nasty letter to "educate" them.

I have a number of 6 year olds in my Cub Scout pack that could give them some pointers.

Maybe he could include in every package a print out a copy of his "famous Screw em!" post.

You know, just to show he cares.

UPDATE: Blast from the past, Kosbots. Show everyone how to support the troops!


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