November 19, 2007

African Taliban Desecrate Ethiopian Soldiers' Bodies

Here are a few screenshots from a video produced by the African Taliban of the bodies of three Ethiopian soldiers being desecrated on the streets of Mogadishu and crowds of kids shouting Allahu Akbar.

What is it with Islamist fanatics that they love to parade dead bodies around? In this case, in front of children? Do they really, as bin Laden suggests, "love death more than they love life"? Or are they just so desperate for a victory--any victory--that the enemy dead are paraded around as trophies on display?

In any event, clearly these images are a violation of the Geneva Conventions. Expect no outrage from the usual suspects in the Club of the Perpetually Outraged.

The poor quality of the pics can be attributed to the fact that this was shot on someone's cell phone. Apparently video cameras haven't made it to Somalia yet. The video, though, is highly edited. There's even a soundtrack with a heroic Islamic nasheed in the background.

And I don't read Somali, but I do know what the editors of the video over at Qaadisiya meant when they added the words Allahu Akbar. Qaadisiya is hosted in Burlington, MA.


Bad photo, but doesn't that van look like it might be an ambulance? The video shows some of the mujahideen getting in to the van, some of them with RPGs.


Warning: Graphic images below.

A dead Ethiopian soldier seen in the five minute video.


A Somalian steps on the head of a slain Ethiopian soldier as a gesture of disrespect.


Another dead Ethiopian soldier on display by Somalian rebels linked to al Qaeda.


Thanks to Frank for pointing me in the right direction.

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