November 17, 2007

CNN Rigged Democrat Debate: The Evidence Mounts

Four plants made by CNN, who are stepping forward to claim that CNN screened them and made sure they asked what CNN wanted them to. Also, the post-debate analysis had two former Clinton staffers and James Carville praising Hillary's performance as the most flawless thing ever witnessed.

Sorry - all SIX plants were Democrat supporters, former staffers or politicos.

Even the KOSBOTS noticed the failed attempt to portray the plants and analysts as "undecided voters."

CNN - guys, the mask slipped. The jig's up. You're toadies for the Democrat Party, protecting Hillary (the lead Democrat candidate) from the big bad eeeevil questions that may hurt her polling numbers and make her appear to be the ignoramus she obviously was shown to be when Russert (GASP) asked her an unscripted series of questions and follow-up questions.

PATHETIC, and with potentially disturbing implications. Here we have a major, supposedly "objective" news network actively colluding with the Democrat Party to create in the public consciousness a false and staged image of the political candidates in that party to make them look better than they really are.

They told me if George Bush was reelected, that the media would be beholden to certain political parties and that messages of those parties would be mindlessly parroted (in direct cooperation with those networks) as "news" that was "fair and balanced." And they were right!

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