November 15, 2007

Peaceniks Drop Their Babies on the Curb...FOR TEH CHILDREN!!1

Swinging for the bleachers, the antiwar left's Olympia contingent swings and misses, instead stooping to an all-time low. The nutosphere is strangely out-rage free over this.

Can't imagine why.


This reminds me of something I read in the NYT yesterday, recalling an incident in 1970 when a member of the Weathermen blew her apartment up while attempting to make bombs in the basement, killing three...because she was angry at the Vietnam War.

Until now, neither Ms. Wilkerson nor Ms. Boudin have spoken publicly about the events. Now Ms. Wilkerson has written a memoir, “Flying Close to the Sun,” which unsparingly maps the idealism, fanaticism, moral absolutism and personal passions that carried her to the town house.

She writes, “I abandoned myself to the sanctimoniousness of hating my enemies.”

In a walk down 11th Street, in an interview, and in the book, Ms. Wilkerson, now 62, a math teacher and the mother of a grown daughter, describes her own acquiescence to violence as a slow-motion personal collapse, taking place in a wider cast of people who had lost their bearings in anger at United States policies in Vietnam and elsewhere.

When you see images like the one above that drive self-appointed saviors of the world to use their children as human shields in their quests for "peace," you begin to wonder if some of todays self-described leftwing super-patriots aren't flirting with this kind of fanatical violence in the name of their so-called causes.

ht: Michelle Malkin

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