November 15, 2007

Online Jihadis Urge al Qaeda to Behead Bush on Saudi Visit

Isn't the al Hesbah forum just so fun these days? It's a lot like Ekhlaas, only fewer videos and more death threats. MEMRI:

"This Saturday, Bush Will Be in Riyadh; Lions of the Peninsula, [Get Ready] to Cut Off His Head." ...

This Saturday [November 17, 2007], the Arabian Peninsula, home of the Prophet Muhammad, will be trodden upon by the Crusader dog, the foolish leader of the worldwide heresy and evil, [George] Bush. He will attend a summit, which will, to the best of my knowledge, be dedicated to world trade.

"Oh young [followers] of Muhammad! Hasten to assassinate this leader of heresy! [In reward], may Allah promote you to the highest spheres of Paradise. Oh brigades of martyrs, go forth with Allah's blessing and lie in wait for this scoundrel everywhere, just as the Al-Qaeda fighters have been ambushing his soldiers in Iraq."

Zarqawi chic, it's back baby!

Hat tip Leesa.

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