November 15, 2007

Crisis Averted: Italy Siezes Quranic Toilet Seats

It's an old story, but somehow I missed it. Apparently it's a crime in Italy to write versus of the Quran on a toilet seat. Muslims were outraged at the blasphemy. Laws against blasphemy in Italy?

If that is indeed, the law, then hasn't Italy already adopted sharia?

Islam Online:

Italian Muslims have swiftly acted to stop the sale in local stores of toilet seat covers that feature verses of the Noble Qur'an in an unprecedented blasphemous act, reporting the matter to appropriate authorities and politicians, who proved forthcoming.
Or are they just afraid that outraged Muslims might start blowing stuff up?
"We reacted astutely to this provocation and threw the ball in the court of security officials and politicians, demanding them to seize the products immediately to head off angry Muslim reaction," [Samir Al-Khalidi, the head of the Islamic Centre (Al-Huda) in Rome] added.

Following Muslim complaints, police raided the four braches of the company in the town of Latina, 60km south of Rome, and seized 2,000 such pieces on sale.

Interior minister Giuliano Amato met Friday with Italian Muslim leaders at the main Rome Mosque to reassure them that Italy would not tolerate such outrageous acts.

Maybe we should just write Europe off as a total loss and start over in, say, India?

Hat tip: The Opinionator.


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