November 13, 2007

Heartache: Blacklisting of Terror Financiers "most grievous human rights violation" on Earth; Daniel Pearl Unavailable for Comment

Wow, are the Europeans really this hysterical over the U.N. and EU "blacklisting" suspected terror financiers? Yes, they are. By blacklisting they mean the practice of impounding the assets of suspected terrorists and banning them from flying.

In this U.S. we call this "designation", meaning that the individual or organization has been designated by the U.S. State Department a foreign terrorist organization (FTO).


The methods used by the United Nations and the European Union for blacklisting terrorism suspects are "totally arbitrary" and "violate the fundamental principles of human rights and rule of law," a European human rights panel said Monday....

"A serial killer in Europe has a lot more rights,"....

"Despite any recent procedural improvements, it remains nearly impossible de facto for an individual or an entity to get . . . removed from a blacklist," the committee said, adding that the new procedures "are just as flawed as the previous ones."

The panel said the "most grievous human rights violation" is the disregard for fair trial, noting that no type of hearing -- public or private -- is held before an individual or organization is listed.

After reading this, I have to wonder whether or not the panel is secretly being run by Andrew Sullivan?

Funny enough, they use the "plight" of an Italian Muslim Brotherhood leader & suspected al Qaeda financier, Youssef Nada, as their best case for why the process is so flawed. His Al Taqwa Bank was involved in secretly funding al Qaeda through a number of nefarious schemes. He is being tried in absentia in Egypt because the Italians refuse to extradite him.

Gobsmackingly vile!

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