November 12, 2007

Why We're Winning in Iraq

I know I'm late to the party here, but a lot of factors have gone into the winning strategy. Long War Journal runs down the list.

The one thing I'd add is this: it seems to me that al Qaeda is ramping down it's efforts in Iraq. They now know it's a losing battle. They're not going to just pack up and leave, but I expect that we will see less and less of al Qaeda's time, money, and steady stream of jihadis (like a 'caravan of martyrs') going to Iraq.

So, where are those resources going? Africa.

Mark my words and keep an eye on it. Places like Somalia & Eritrea will be in the news once again very soon.

Things are happening in Africa that will have long term consequences for the U.S. The problem may be under the radar screen for John Q. Public, but thankfully (this time) al Qaeda operations in Africa are being closely monitored by the intelligence community. Hopefully we'll do whatever it takes to make sure these states do not become the next Afghanistan, exporting terrorism to our shores.

UPDATE: Add Nigeria to that Africa thought.

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