November 09, 2007

Video : Club For Growth Hammers Huckabee Over Tax Hikes

More at WaPo:

Pat Toomey, a former Pennsylvania Congressman and president of the Club, was similarly vituperative about Huckabee's record in an interview with The Fix this week. Toomey referred to Huckabee as a "serial tax hiker" and a "pro-life, pro-gun liberal."

Toomey explained the Club's jihad against Huckabee in simple terms. "For the sake of accuracy and because we think he would be so damaging to the Republican brand, we think it's important."

Not surprisingly, Huckabee has been far less sanguine about the Club's attack on his record. Campaign manager Chip Saltsman said that the Club's enmity toward Huckabee appears to be the result of a "personal vendetta," adding: "Most people are starting to figure that out. (Toomey, for what it's worth, insists that there is nothing personal about the attacks.)

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