November 07, 2007

Fun With American al Qaeda Supporters

Hotlinking is bad, want to see why?

Charlotte resident and al Qaeda supporter Samir Khan has posted more graphic and disturbing images of dead American soldiers on his blog.

Several of those copyrighted images are being illegally stolen from The Jawa Report.

Sammy used several of my images of a beheaded American soldier from a post about the brutality of the Islamist "insurgents" in Iraq. Oddly, just a few days ago Samir accused the U.S. of war crimes in Iraq and Afghanistan and said that Muslims would never do the same. And here he is today posting images, that I took off an al Qaeda produced video, celebrating the beheading of American soldiers. Can you say Geneva Conventions Sammy? Religion of irony......

But something has went horribly wrong! Should you look at Samir's post now, instead of images of an American soldier being beheaded you would see this.


And this....


It just gets worse from there. Let's just say we've had some fun with Samir. The two images below the fold are mildly offensive, especially to Muslims. Sorry, but it really is the best way to piss Salafi jihadis like Samir off.



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