November 06, 2007

Iraqi-led Operation Nets 39 Detainees, Torture Devices

SALAH AD DIN, Iraq – Iraqi Security Forces conducted a large joint operation Oct. 30 along the foothills of the Hamrin Mountains of Tikrit. The operation resulted in the detention of 39 suspected insurgents and the discovery of a torture cell, a mobile hospital, vehicle-borne bombs, rocket-propelled grenades, machine guns and a Katyusha rocket.

Acting on their own intelligence sources, provided by tribal leaders in the area, the Iraqi inter-agency force targeted terrorists within the region.

“This is a first in a lot of ways,” said Lt. Col. David Hsu, 1st BCT Military Transition Team chief. “This is the largest operation the Iraqi Police and the Iraqi Army have ever conducted together in terms of detail,” he said. “The Iraqis are leading the way here.”

The operation was led by the 1st Brigade, 4th Iraqi Army, commanded by Maj. Gen. Abdul Jabar Saleh Rabiyeh. The Salah ad Din Provincial Police Emergency Service Unit battalions, led by Maj. Gen. Jassem, Iraqi National Police commander, planned, coordinated and executed Operation Makua, which means “to come together.”

Source MNF-Iraq.

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