November 06, 2007

New GIMF Video: Caravan of Martyrs in Iraq (Updated: GIMF's English Propagandist Identified?)

GIMF (The Global Islamic Media Front) has released a new video named Caravan of Martyrs in Iraq. The video refers to a phrase spoken by Osama bin Laden, but which also was the name of a popular Islamist blog with links to GIMF and a Charlotte, N.C. blogger named Samir Khan.

The video is a compilation of old assorted terrorist videos from Iraq. The video follows the theme stated in the title, taking various clips from martyrdom videos, and splicing them together.

The video starts with a common GIMF animated clip in which a truck is driven into a cross and explodes. The message is, "Kill the cross worshipers (Christians)!"


The video features old footage of Osama Bin-Laden, Abu Muscab al-Zaqueery, and al-Qaeda's "3rd" in command al-Liby. The clips contain water marks from Zarqawi's old Mujahideen Shura Council, Ansar al-Sunnah, and the Islamic State of Iraq.


So where did we obtain the video? From American GIMF operative and Charlotte, N.C. resident Samir Khan! Samir is directly related to GIMF.

His reply will be, "I have no physical contact with GIMF." Yeah maybe, but who is this contacting you on your old blog on Jan 28th 2007? And who's flag is that in your post right below?


By golly that e-mail belongs to GIMF's German language operative, Austrian citizen Mohammed Mahmoud. Where is Mohammed Mahmoud today? Oh, yeah, he's in jail for a piece of GIMF propaganda he was involved in which threatened the Austrian government.

And that flag Samir used to use as his avatar is a slightly modified version of al-Qaeda's former shadow government, the Islamic State of Iraq.

Here's Sammy posting under al-Qaeda's flag on another forum here.

So today Sammy is hosting GIMF videos in direct support of a call to aid al-Qaeda in Iraq and their propaganda arm, al-Furqan media. He is also posting more pics of dead Americans from April 2007 in an effort to convince American's that to continue the fight in Iraq is suicide.

The arrogance of some Americans is just amazing. It literally blinds them. We received hundreds of comments from typical Kaafir Americans on how they are so rough and tough and that they will do this and that. Our message to them is:

Please, stop fooling yourselves. You are loosing this war. You are throwing yourselves into suicide. So if suicide is what you want, then suicide is what you’ll get.

Kind of ironic that post is right below a video in which at least 20 terrorists blow themselves up.

Hmmmm, Caravan of Martyrs was a blog on Wordpress that was closely related to Samir's Khan's old Wordpress blog. Both sites shared images and links and similar content. I noted that Caravan and Inshallahshaheed's blogs were closely connected here.

[Update by Rusty: What Howie may not have known is that Caravan of Martyrs is back online again. Only this time, we know who it's author is. More below]

Given the title and the theme of the video maybe Sammy has taken to creating propaganda rather than just spreading it?

Regardless, it is clear where the traitor Samir Khan's loyalties lie--- with al-Qaeda.

Vintage Osama bin Laden from the video
Abu Muscab al-Zaqueery
(translation bad gay father of a mucous scab)
One of the dead al-Qaeda suckers and the explosion from his suicide.

I bet you thought that comment was long gone by now eh, Sammy? Nope, we've got the goods on you all saved up. Oh and Sammy, sorry to disappoint you, but I'm not outraged. I've seen far to much of this crap. I'm just patiently awaiting your day of reckoning.

If anyone really needs a copy of this video, email Howie and I'll send you one.

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UPDATE by Rusty: Video looks strangely familiar to me. Like it's old. I'll have to check my archive.

But I think Howie is on to something here about Inshallahshaheed's 'friend' being behind the GIMF video, if not Samir himself. Indeed, that 'friend', like many online jihadis, appears to go by a number of names. On the Caravan of Martyr's Website he goes by the name of "chameleon47" and claims to be blogging from Pakistan.

But is "chameleon47" really in Pakistan? No, he's not. He's in Britain.

How do we know? Because he also goes by the name of "sa'ad from pakistan". Check out the conversation "sa'ad from pakistan" has with a 'sister' in the comments here. Notice that "sa'ad from pakistan" hotlinks the Caravan of Martyrs blog from his name.

"Sa'ad from pakistan" asks Samir if he can put the article up on his blog, and Samir says to go ahead. Muslimah (Muslim sister) claims that Sa'ad is a fake. But then Samir backs Sa'ad if he's known Sa'ad for some time.

And indeed he has. As Howie noted, every time we were able to pressure Inshallahshaheed's hosts to take down his various blogs, the Caravan of Martyrs blog always followed Samir to his new blog home.

For instance: muslimpad's defunct website taken down the same day as Caravan of Martyr's old website...the same at other places....with almost identical content on both blogs.

What's interesting is that Inshallahshaheed has stopped referring to himself as "I", but rather "we". At first I thought this was the royal we, until it became apparent that over the past few months Samir took on a second blogger writing under the Inshallahshaheed pseudonym.

I'd be willing to be that the second author is the owner of the "Caravan of Martyrs" blog. That it is "chameleon47". But "chameleon47" also goes by the name of "sa'ad in pakistan".

And with that information, we know everything. Because "Sa'ad in pakistan" is really 29 year old Saad Bin Ahmed. And this is his picture (or the picture he purports to be of himself).


And the homepage he lists? --- Samir Khan's, aka "Inshallahshaheed", now defunct webpage.

And saadisonline's footprints are all over the internet. On the Islamic Network, where Samir used to be a regular. At the Red Mosque (lal masjid) forum.

He used to have his own yahoo group here, until it moved here. Just to show the connection, here's the banner, also carried on his geocities page. The original image was named "saadisonline.jpg"


Saad also has a YouTube account. No original content, but look at the videos he has linked as favorites. A few Islamist videos, par for the course. But two of them are videos about making a career in IT. And one of them is a how to guide for digital audio production.

It's almost as if Saad is a techie. The kind of person who might, I dunno, be able to produce high production value videos......

So is Saad bin Ahmed, aka saadisonline, aka Sa'ad in Pakistan, aka chameleon47---the owner of the "Caravan of Martyrs" blog and contributor to Samir Khan's "Ignored Puzzle Pieces of Knowledge" blog-- a member of the Global Islamic Media Front and responsible for the "Caravan of Martyrs" video?

I'd bet on it. I wouldn't be the farm, but, say, a case of beer?

Thanks to Darth Nudista for helping find Sa'ad in Pakistan's real identity.

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