November 06, 2007

Video: Muslim Death Threat Against Mosque Opponent

Charles Johnson has the details, but here's the vid. Despite numerous complaints--and a story in the Daily Mail--the death threat remains on YouTube.

My hope is that it remains up only so that the British authorities can look into it. The video not only shows images of the politician, Alan Craig, who opposes the building of the mosque, but of his family as well.

On the negative side, the video is an implied death threat against the family. But on the positive side it is done to the music of Elvis. So, it's not all bad.

What's so interesting about Abdullah1425 is that his internet tracks are all over the place. The vast majority of his posts, though, are in Arabic and seem to be related to education. Except this one.

Abdullah1425 on Muslim Match! The only internet dating site that asks if you're interested in ...... POLYGAMY (Abdullah isn't). Yes, that is the same Abdullah1425. You'll notice that his YouTube account features "Muslim Boxing" & that on his Muslim Match profile he is interested in "Boxing".

He's 28, divorced, no kids....and soooo ronery.

What's hip on Islamic dating sites?
Out: Polygamy
In: Death threats against local politicians

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